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About Tri-Tec

We put a personal professionalism on everything we do for our clientele. That begins with acting our principles on your project while under pressure, not just stating them on a page. 

We know that maintaining a long-term relationship with you is more than economics. Take the word of our other clients as a testament to this. We will prove to you, as we have to our long-standing clients, that we are as loyal to your objectives as we are to your projects.

Our Values

Integrity ▾

Our integrity demands we walk the talk. It’s in the details we most remember when look back over a project. The change order discussions, the details overlooked we make good on, the completion schedule taken seriously. Because these aspects matter so much to you, we ensure they matter to everyone involved in your project.

Personal ▾

You maintain two single points of contact as a minimum throughout your project. Deliverables, transparency, and consistency make a significant difference from multi-levelled project management tiers. We cut the superfluous steps and you always have an owner of the company directly available for immediate contact.

Reliability ▾

Your site may run afterhours and require special security attention, this is an opportunity to show our level of care instead of passing responsibility back to the project owners. When you require security clearance or background checks this is not just a formality to us, but a point of pride to supply along with our excellent track record. It is not only our entire general contracting/managing team that takes responsibility, our trade partners also agree to share these responsibilities directly. Our code of conduct has been ingrained in our trade partner relationships since inception, with many relationships spanning over 10+ years.

Precision ▾

All of our Managers, Owners and supervisors have direct site/build/material experience. This isn’t a coincidence, it’s our requirement that every component of the project management team has worked directly client-facing and along-side supplier and trade partners. We synergize to come up with solutions or improvements to our builds as a web of sharing expertise.

Safety ▾

It will not take long to learn that family is at the center of our company culture. We treat all trade partners, suppliers, and employees with respect and take their personal safety as seriously as we would if it were our own family members on the job site. A successful project for Tri-Tec is not just hitting the critical cost and schedule milestones but doing so without compromising the welfare of personnel and property. When we create your vision we seek the goal that everyone involved makes it home safe each and every night to their sons, daughters, partners, parents, and loved ones, this includes not risking their own health or their family’s. It is not just a promise we make, it’s our way of life.

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Our Clients’ Experience

Our Clients

We are proud to work with clients who are the leaders in their fields, from real estate developers and retail chains to school boards and government agencies. Here are some of the clients that we work with.

Our Services

From Complete Project Management and Supervision to full-service General Contracting with Engineering and Design we not only offer a complete life cycle of project offerings – we also have a history of successful service offerings behind us.

Pre-Construction Consulting ▾

Tri-Tec will assist with all required facets of the pre-construction phase of a project. Our standard role in these services is to provide our expertise and experience to assist you in acquiring permits or consulting with an architect to whom we refer you or work with one you have already chosen. This allows a smooth and timely project start along with ensuring the feasibility of the project. We have extensive experience working with many local authorities in planning and development.

Design/Build ▾

Tri-Tec can provide practical elements of design with your architect or design plans. We have a strong base of trade partners and engineers who will assist through necessary design build elements of the project. This may also include components that are technical, logistical and environmental that can, at times be overlooked. Experience has shown that utilizing our complete contractor perspective will substantially reduce design and planning costs.

Cost Estimation ▾

Whether we are delivering a full design-build service or providing pricing on a set of drawings you have worked hard to create, providing an accurate construction quote is integral. Tri-Tec has a wide background in cost estimation and can provide detailed and precise costing for your plan. We will provide details of the costs involved to help with decision-making or scope definition. One commitment to our clients is to help find the details that will make estimating the most accurate; this is executed in the ‘tender’ or pricing stage not only from our own experience but from our valued trade partners’. It’s always a team effort.

Value Engineering ▾

After estimation, Tri-Tec will work with all parties involved to ensure maximum value is reached during construction. We can define specific items to modify for cost savings in longevity, execution and procurement. We help you to avoid compromising the integrity of your project. These insights come from years of collaborative time spent with engineering and trade partners as well as architectural and design consultants.

Construction ▾

Once the construction process is underway, Tri-Tec will work will help you uphold your vision and adapt to challenges or obstacles that may be encountered. We carry a high standard for project managers and site superintendents to maintain regarding building technology, so we not only interpret and execute the details, but help develop innovation and satisfaction of quality for years to come. Our safety and progressive culture already maintain a caliber of consideration and conscientiousness that many still strive to develop in our industry. Let’s not just discuss it, let’s get it done and get it done right.

Values Founded On Relationships

When Rick Yakimovich walked into a board room, he immediately learned how everyone was doing.

He reconnected with past colleagues, refreshed clients on past business and shared family updates. It was this quality that founded a business and two partners who became a small team who would eventually become not only a much larger family but also a well-established name in the construction industry in Alberta. Rick’s son Steve continues this legacy since his passing in 2019 and pride’s himself on following in his father’s footsteps.

A credo from Tri-Tec’s owners:

You don’t just connect with one another and develop a relationship when it seems appropriate to do so. Every meeting and challenge to overcome is when you take the time to understand each other and get the job done. We will always be the first to extend that hand and never expect it back in return. We earn it.

These are no small commitments to make in an industry in Alberta that has never rested, nor been very predictable. But for some, acted values will always speak louder than any words. It was these value-based clients that Tri-Tec sought to impress and remains doing so today. Our actions show these values. When you first meet with us, until we shake hands on a job well done, you will see exactly what we mean.


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